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St Marys Church  A photograph taken by Philip M Russell

St Mary’s Church stands at the heart of the Old Town of Hemel Hempstead, just off the High Street in the Old Town. Its tall and elegant lead spire makes it unmistakable. It has been a place of worship for over 850 years and provides a real focus as a centre of spirituality and history in a new town most of whose history goes back barely fifty years. We are a traditional church with a robed choir, a real 3 manual pipe organ, Hertfordshire champion bellringers, we have regular baptisms and conduct funeral services. St Mary's Church is a popular venue for wedding services for the local churches in our benifice.

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As a Christian community we have three main concerns.

We seek to be a company of people who are nurturing faith. This faith is rooted in the good news of God revealed in Jesus Christ and is expressed and strengthened in worship, in learning together and in fellowship. You will find details of our worship services and our home groups programme on other pages of this website. We also set out to use our historic building as a resource for the The EasterWorkshop at St Mary's Church Hemel Hempsteadwhole community. It lends itself to cultural events, music, drama, exhibitions and is a fascinating visual aid for school pupils to use in pursuit of many aspects of the national curriculum. In all these ways we seek to play our part in sustaining the human spirit. Again, look through other pages for details of how you might be involved in these aspects of our life. Believing that faith must lead to action, our third concern is to be serving the community. We do this in various ways. Members of St Mary’s through their own jobs and their social involvement are sharing in this service. The church community itself has a ministry among young families and vulnerable people and we are always looking for new ways of putting faith into action. Why not come and join us?
Why not join the choir or the bellringers? We always need new members.

The Walker Organ in St Marys Church, Hemel HempsteadSt Mary's Church is a listed building, but is also buillding which is in current and constant use and supports a living community. Over Free Salvation Come to Church on Sundaysthe past few years we have repaired our Walker organ to its former glory and with the help of other groups have repaired our bells, spire and the fabric of the building from the ravages of time. This mother church supports the rest of the benefice by holding Weddings in the magnificent building as well as becoming a concert hall and a stage for our traditional St Mary's Church Christmas Eve Nativity play. We also have baptisms regularly in the church either in the Sunday morning service or at other times. The church supports many diffferent groups and takes its place in the community. We are a very popular church for Weddings.

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Revd Caroline Wainman
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The Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mary and St Paul, Hemel Hempstead, Reg. Charity 1130644